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Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French

Updated: May 11, 2019

Highly Recommended

A dark and twisted tale of psychological disorders and murder.

Tuesday's Gone is another great Frieda Klein novel by husband and wife team Nicci French. As a psychotherapist, Frieda's understanding of the human psyche and her desire to help people lead her down a trail of distorted perceptions, evil intent, and murder. The plot was well developed and kept me guessing until the very end, a twist which I didn’t see coming.

I enjoyed the peripheral characters’ development from the first novel to this one, but still found Frieda an odd duck. Her emotions muted, her reactions often off-kilter and she's not a charming, personable character who helps the reader to like her. Only when she’s speaking to others does she show compassion, but never with herself. Somehow, I find that intriguing – the imperfect heroine.

The Nicci French duo are without a doubt proficient novelists who weaves a good story with deep characters, but the writing style was a disappointment — head hopping within scenes, passive voice, and adverbs peppered the page. As seasoned professionals, not first-time authors, I expected the writing to be tighter and more polished.

All in all a good book, and I look forward to reading the next novel in the series, Waiting for Wednesday.



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