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Book Review: A Simple Book for A Simple Life by Anne Haack

Highly Recommended

A unique spirituality book filled with “a modern version of ancient scriptures, translated to our society.”

In this oracle-inspired book, Anne Haack offers snippets of experiential thoughts on life. She encourages readers to open the book to a random page every day, and embrace the ideas in the message. Each starts with one short thought, and then gives some ideas on how to digest or approach the subject. Some ideas made me think, some I didn’t connect with as inspiration is highly personal, and some were so lovely they will stay with me for a lifetime:

Words are of the head. Silence is of the heart.

The flower is not conscious of itself. It just is.

These ideas came to Haack through two years of meditation in a cave in the Himalayas. I found this fascinating. After her Reiki Master training at a nearby village, she heard about a cave in the mountains and the first time she entered it, found immediate calm. Her strong sense of homecoming drove her to visit the cave for meditation over many months, extending the period of time she spent in the cave up to many hours, even against the warnings of a nearby Ashram manager who told her she had no right to be in the sacred cave. (It belonged to a well-known sage and guardian of the ancient scripture, and she was a woman and a Western one at that.) But still she persevered until eventually he came to accept her presence in the cave.

I would like to learn more about Haack’s time in India during her trainings and meditations and hope she decides to write a novel about this time in her life.

For those looking for a centering thought, an idea to make them smile, a token to help them focus on what is most important, I highly recommend making A Simple Book for A Simple Life part of their day.



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