Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I was always an insatiable reader, and still am. It took a long time for that love of books to morph into my first novel, The Color of Fear, which was completed in 2002, and then sat for 15 years until I worked up the nerve to publish it.

WENDY WANNER writes paranormal mystery novels based on folklore, cultural idiosyncrasies and that little touch of the occult. With a BA in Cultural Anthropology from U.C.L.A, Wendy’s interest in cultures and religions drives her to travel the world and soak up different beliefs and traditions which surface in her novels.

Beyond being a passionate reader and traveler, Wendy is an avid dancer, yogi, and SCUBA diver and surfs and paddle boards every chance she gets. An Arizona desert girl at heart, Wendy is the mother of two boys and now lives in Dubai with her Scottish husband.

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