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Wendy Wanner Novelist


Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I was an insatiable reader as a child. Many years later, that love of books blossomed into my first novel, The Color of Fear, which was completed in 2002, and then sat for 15 years until I worked up the nerve to publish it.

WENDY WANNER writes suspense and mystery novels based on folklore and cultural idiosyncrasies, with a touch of magical realism. With a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UCLA, Wendy’s interest in cultures and religions drives her to travel the world, encountering different beliefs and traditions which surface in her novels.

A passionate reader and traveler, Wendy is also an avid dancer, yogi, and SCUBA diver who surfs and paddleboards every chance she gets. An Arizona desert girl at heart, Wendy is the mother of two boys and now lives in Dubai with her Scottish husband.

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