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Book Review: The Lies We Bury by Stacy Green

Highly Recommended

This gripping Cage Foster mystery builds suspense until the final page.

Having fallen in love with competent, good-looking, shy Cage Foster through Stacy Green’s Delta Crossroads Trilogy, I couldn’t wait to read The Lies We Bury, the first book in the Cage Foster Series. I was not disappointed by this gripping thriller.

I love a good mystery with a hint of magical realism and black magic. Set in New Orleans, Green dapples voodoo throughout the plot as firm believers abductee Annabeth and major crimes NOPD liaison Bonin try to sway Foster’s more steadfast beliefs. A few unexplained occurrences, a ghost in the hall and who knows? Maybe he’ll believe.

Annabeth, one of two girls abducted seven years ago in a case that still haunts Cage, suffered a brain injury during her escape, leaving her with hazy memories, loss of identity and quirky impulse control issues that made me laugh. With the serial predator still at large, Cage races to untangle the past and Annabeth’s tangled web of recollections. At first, Annabeth’s belief that she is Lyric Gaudet, granddaughter of a powerful voodoo priestess, seems random, but when Cage grasps the two girls’ pasts are linked, he realizes he’s running out of time.

The Lies We Bury was a fast but solid read and an excellent first book in the Cage Foster Series. I highly recommend this novel and think it’s my favorite of all the Stacy Green books I’ve read.



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