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Book Review: Tin God by Stacy Green

Highly Recommended

Start to finish, a captivating mystery/thriller holding readers spellbound until the very last page.

Stracy Green is a master at unveiling clues along a long and winding path to discovery. I enjoyed every minute of Tin God and have already put Skeleton Key, Delta Crossroads Trilogy Book 2, on my reading list. But don’t let the fact that Tin God is the first book in the trilogy worry you. This story is complete in and of itself: the characters are fully explained, relationships developed, all conflicts resolved, and the murder solved – but be warned, you won’t see it coming!

The small-town Mississippi drama surrounding the unsolved murder of Lana Samuels prompts action from those who loved her when more women begin to die. Her best friend Jaymee Ballard, searching for the daughter she was forced to give up seven years ago, her husband Nick Samuels, a reporter who never recovered from his wife's death four years earlier, and her brother Cage Foster, Roselea deputy and Jaymee's best friend, work together to solve a spate of killings they believe are connected to Lana's. As time slips away from them and the clues lead them down a twisted path of deception, will they discover who's behind the illegal dealings and killings before it's too late?

In addition to the rich storyline, the writing style captivated me. Green's voice drew me into the Old South with rich descriptions of the scent of jasmine and magnolia, the feel of the humidity clinging to my skin, the taste of good home cooking, the grand antebellum homes and the ever-present fear of a storm morphing into a deadly tornado. Written from multiple characters' point of view, the insecurities, past traumas and passions that drive the cast are well developed. Alongside the victims, there are villains galore and even a love triangle to get your heart pounding.

Start to finish, a captivating novel holding readers spellbound until the very last page.


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