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Book Review: Season, Unforgettable by Keta Diablo

Highly Recommended

A humorous, compelling romance novel with an unexpected twist that'll send your heart pounding.

Season’s quiet life, living in Minnesota with her grandfather, is knocked on its butt, literally, when she runs into Rann, a big city developer. Smitten from the get-go, she soon discovers he’s working for a cut-throat developer, his mother, and she’ll do anything to get Season’s land for her latest development project.

While Season tries to cool her heated emotions, Rann works to win her over and protect her from his mother, even if it means cutting his mother out of his life. At this stage of the story, I thought I knew where the plot was going. Boy was I wrong!

When ruthless business practices and family ties collide, the results are disastrous — lies, deceit, violence, fear, and retribution. This unexpected and thrilling shift of events turns this romance story into a cross-genre novel encompassing suspense, thriller, and mystery.

Season, Unforgettable is quick moving and dramatic, engaging the reader to the last page. The characters are well developed and endearing. I feel Season’s conflicting emotions as she resists falling in love with Rann, but I’m on Rann’s side as he battles for her love. The descriptions are rich and pull you into the scene as if you’re there alongside Season, Duna, Rann, Vid, Mag and the rest.

The story had a nice, tight ending, though I was sorry to see it conclude. I wouldn’t mind a second novel about this crew!

Humorously written, compelling and enjoyable. Overall, another fantastic novel by Keta Diablo. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!



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