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Book Review: Leap (A Breakthrough Story) by Michael C. Grumley

Highly Recommended

A technology thriller that pushes the boundaries of reality.

A year after Alison Shaw and her marine biologist team discovered a world-changing Breakthrough (the first Breakthrough Story) in communication with their resident dolphins Sally and Dirk, they’re back on the scene in Leap (book two in The Breakthrough Series). The team is advancing their inter-species communication algorithms to work not only in the open ocean with wild dolphins but with a young female gorilla named Dulce.

Meanwhile, US Navy investigators John Clay and Steve Caesare take a clandestine interest in a resurfaced, experimental Russian submarine moored off a remote coast in South America. The plot thickens when the Navy learns that the sub is watching a Chinese warship anchored in the harbor and the nighttime movements of her soldiers in the jungle hills. What are the men loading into the warship after dark, and how have they secured the blind eye and silence of the local government?

The controlled environment of Shaw’s experiments takes a dangerous turn when a local philanthropist needs her team’s help to find a kidnapped colleague and they’re forced to use their communication devices in an untested, life-threatening situation. They find themselves thrust into the thick of a controversial scientific discovery, and keeping the technology out of the wrong hands rests on their shoulders.

Leap ticked all the boxes for an exceptional technology thriller. It pushed the boundaries of believability and offered new perspectives on aging, communication and world economy while continuing to develop the characters from the first book. The fast-paced thriller even offered romance and a spattering of humor. The writing was superb, the plot intricate and the twist and turns kept me turning the pages (or rather swiping my Kindle screen) until the very end.

Grumley’s imagination for technological advancements and skill at crafting gripping, engaging scenes makes him an author you don’t want to miss.



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