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Book Review: I Spy a Demon by Keta Diablo

Highly Recommended

An engrossing, fast-paced tale of dark secrets, love, and the ancient art of banishing ‘that which lurks unseen.’

I thoroughly enjoyed this urban fantasy novella. The sharp, witty character and scene descriptions bring the reader into the story without slowing the pacing, which is fast and full of suspense.

The heroine, Cecily, displays strong, self-assured traits, and I loved her from page one. We’re behind her all the way in her quest to uncover details about her twin brother’s death, which she does not for one minute believe was an accident. Digging her heels in, she won’t stop until she uncovers the truth, even if her search leads her to the secret her brother tried to protect her from—that the Frost family, who raised the twins after their parents’ deaths, are not what they seem.

Though frustrated by Cecily’s standoffish behavior as she resists her long-time love for Marcel, I understand her attempt at self-preservation. Marcel, portrayed as dark and dangerous through Cecily’s eyes, displays an honorable, valiant side. Will she lower her barriers and see him for what he is?

As she nears the end of the road and answers are within reach, she’s cast into a dark and dangerous world. Will she avenge her brother’s death? Will she accept help from Marcel when she needs it?

No spoilers here—I Spy a Demon is worth the read.



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