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Book Review: Carter & Lovecraft by Jonathan L. Howard


Recommended: An interesting twist of science and sensible paranormal occurrences.

This novel wasn’t at all what I expected. As the first in a series of investigative mysteries, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of scientific details intermixed with supernatural twists, written in such a way that the reader takes it all in stride along with Dan Carter, an ex-Detective, who loses his partner to a mysterious “suicide” and turns private eye.

After bequeathed a bookstore in a mysterious will and pulled into a series of unexplained murders, Carter explores the phenomena occurring around a unique parcel of land. When he and his new business partner Lovecraft fear for their lives, they do some sleuthing and uncover The Twist, or flaws in the Law of Probability, and must learn what it takes to preserve the world as we know it.

If who like a good mystery, you’ll love this book. It is down to earth and Carter is just sarcastic enough to make you love him. I didn’t get a good sense of Lovecraft yet, but her character is probably developed in book two. I’m also partial to supernatural elements, but only those that border on the edge of believability, which this novel did. The balance between fact, fiction, science and paranormal was just right.



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